Introduction to Meditation + Mindfulness for Parents/Caregivers

Introduction to Meditation + Mindfulness for Parents/Caregivers
Dates: Monday, December 21
Times: 4pm to 5:30pm ET
FREE for Shifter Members (email for coupon code); $15 for non-members

In this introductory workshop for parents and caregivers of individuals with Autism, we’ll explore meditation and mindfulness, explain what they are, examine how they are different, identify various styles and forms, and practice several techniques. Whether this is your first experience with meditation and mindfulness or you have a strong practice, this workshop, led by instructor Rebecca Fox, will deepen your understanding of meditation and mindfulness, while highlighting their foundational value in feeling more satisfaction and peace in your life.

Together, we’ll experience the fruits of building a strong meditation practice and learn tools you can turn to in emotionally charged moments of overwhelm, frustration, anger or uncertainty. Meditation offers general relaxation, stress-relief, increased focus, more energy, a sense of inner peace and emotional resilience in yourself. We’ll build skills that encourage introspection and self-reflection, increasing self-awareness, decision making skills, empathy towards others and strengthening your relationships.

While supporting yourself through meditation, you are also able to better serve and support others in your life from a loving and open heart. No prior experience is necessary. We will answer any questions you may have, and you will leave this workshop feeling confident in building a personal meditation and mindfulness practice tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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