Introduction to Meditation + Mindfulness for Parents/Caregivers
Introduction to Meditation + Mindfulness for Parents/Caregivers
Dates: TBD
Times: 4pm to 5:30pm ET
Cost: $15*
*This workshop is FREE for Individual Plus, Family Premium and Family Elite Shifter Members (Email for coupon code)

If you’re feeling anxiety or stress as a parent or caregiver, this is the workshop for you! Led by instructor Rebecca Fox, we’ll explore meditation and mindfulness, explain what they are, examine how they are different, identify various styles and forms and practice several techniques. We’ll build skills that encourage introspection and self-reflection, increasing self-awareness, decision making skills, empathy towards others and strengthening your relationships.

Our goal is to give you the tools to bring more peace into your life and to better serve and support others with a loving and open heart! The practice of meditation and mindfulness offers general relaxation, stress-relief, increased focus, more energy, a sense of inner peace and emotional resilience in yourself – all positive Green Zone feelings!Register Here!

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