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Welcome to Autism Shifts!
We guide people from a place of fear and worry about an uncertain future, toward the hope and joyful anticipation of living their best possible life…because Shifters Shape Futures.
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What is Autism?

Today, 1 in every 54 children are diagnosed with Autism, according to the 2020 CDC report. Autism is a neurobiological diagnosis, meaning that the Autistic brain functions differently than the neuro-typical brain. The Autistic Brain has much to offer the world. In fact, we believe that many of our future scientific discoveries will be made by those who have a different perspective, such as those on the Spectrum.

Who We Are

Autism Shifts was founded to share knowledge, tools, and processes to help shift our understanding of Autism. We are here to guide others in the Autism Community through their journey of personal growth, acceptance, and empowerment, helping those who are living in the Red Zone shift to the Green Zone!

We empower the Autism Community by providing:

  • Specialized Training
  • Resources
  • Connection opportunities

Join The Shift

An Autism Shifter is on the LEADING EDGE to create a New World for Autism. By joining us, you are part of the shift from the old, stigmatized way of thinking about Autism to a new reality for our community. Once you sign up for your membership, you will receive a survey to determine your starting Shifter level. Our program is designed to help you move through the 5 levels…and start shifting the future!

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