Green Zone Life: Autism Wellbeing Summit

Green Zone Life: Autism Wellbeing Summit
Dates: Wednesday, December 15th
Times: 5:30pm to 7:30pm ET
Cost: $25 for each individual

Description: The ultimate Autism Wellbeing conference for families, educators, and members of the autism community- To work toward life in the Green Zone  Join us for an evening of uplifting presentations to improve the wellbeing of those in the autism community and beyond.

This conference captures both the personal lived experience and the parental perspective on how a life in the Green Zone is not only achievable for you, but for others you love or support.



Jude Morrow – Autistic author, Motivational speaker, and TED speaker.
Presentation Title: The Green Zone from the autistic point of view

Vicky Westra – CEO of Autism Shifts, Author, Speaker
Presentation Title: How you can shift from a Red Zone mindset to a Green Zone mindset

Julie McDede – Programs Director for Autism Shifts, Proud parent of an autistic adult
Presentation Title: The Go To Guide To Encourage, Celebrate and Nurture Your Child(ren)


Sign up bonuses: ($69 Total Value)
Attendees will receive:
1. A recording of the conference
2. A digital copy of our Discover the Light Within e-book
3. Emotions Matter video- understanding the role emotions play in creating your Green Zone
4. Our downloadable Emotional Guidance Scale

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