Appreciate U Case Study
Appreciate U Case Study
Dates: 30-Day Online Program Begins on October 6th, 2021
Times: 10 Minutes Daily
Cost: Free

Autism Shifts is proud to partner with our new friend Maija Russell for a new case study to help increase your thoughts of empowerment, happiness and self-worth. This case study is being offered for FREE for the first 30 registrants. It will begin on October 6th, 2021 so we invite you to join us for this very special offer!

What is Appreciate U Case Study?
The Appreciate U Case Study is a 30-day online program designed to help people decrease negative self-talk and increase thoughts of empowerment, happiness, and self-worth.

The program will include:
– Fun, uplifting games
– Playful graphics
– Powerful affirmations

The program will be offered to the first 30 people signed up. As a case study, you will be asked to provide feedback on your demographics, the program, and its effectiveness.


What are the expected benefits of participating in the Appreciate U Case Study?

Expected Benefits:
– Build positive, life-changing habits.
– Increase in daily positive emotions.
– Increase in positive thoughts.
– A boost in confidence.
– Calmer and clearer mindset
– Serendipitous experiences.
– Regular access to the Appreciate U facilitator.
– A chance to give feedback on a brand-new program and make it better.
– Future discounts on Appreciate U products.

What format will be used?
You will get access to the Appreciate U program on the Talent LMS website or free app. If used on the website, no downloading is required. You can look up the software at

What are the requirements for the Appreciate U Case Study?
– A willingness to look within for happiness.
– Daily access to a computer or smartphone.
– Daily internet access.
– Willing to share demographic information with Appreciate U.
– Available about 10 minutes daily to engage with the program (No specific timeframe is required for daily play)
– Available for 3 group Zoom meetings. 1 before the program, one during, and one after to give group feedback and a chance to ask questions.

*Appreciate U, Inc. promises to never share or sell your information to third-party companies. Please note that this is an unpaid study.

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