Autism and Managing Emotions
Autism and Managing Emotions
Dates: Monday, January 24th, 2022
Time: 5:00pm ET
Cost: FREE

Description:Join this empowering masterclass, hosted by Autism Shifts CEO, and Autism Expert Vicky Westra. Vicky has both the personal, and professional experience, to guide you to develop a kinder mindset toward autism, and higher well-being in general.

Autism Shifts is a specialist non-profit dedicated to improving the wellbeing of not only the neurodivergent community, but everyone in society. We have helped shape positive futures for those we have served, by giving them clarity, empowerment, and the tools to shift from the Red Zone, to the Green Zone way of life.

In this FREE 1-hour session, you will learn the following:

• What are emotions and the affect they have on our well-being?
• What are the 3 Emotional Zones
• How to identify situations/circumstances that affect our Emotional Zones
• Strategies to manage our emotions so they don’t manage us
• Q & A

We want to support you, and guide you and the ones you love to wellbeing. Follow us on social media – Autism Shifts – and visit our website to see the other supports we can provide you with –

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