Who We Serve

Adults on the Autism Spectrum

For more than a decade, we have taught and employed individuals on the Autism Spectrum. During that time, we have developed a deep understanding and appreciation of those diagnosed. In fact, we feel those on the Autism Spectrum are helping our world expand in many amazing ways.

Our programs help guide those on the Spectrum to discover who they really are as well (including their unique talents, abilities and purpose). In addition, we help them to better understand the world around them (particularly the business world), so that they gain clarity about their future are better equipped to lead their lives on purpose.

We also provide opportunities to connect with others on the Spectrum to create lasting friendships and a strengthened autism community.

Autism Shifts is a Direct Provider for Vocational Rehabilitation and a Gardiner Scholarship Provider.

Parents / Caregivers

Parents play a Key Role in helping their child live in a place hope and positive expectation where all things are possible.

However, before we as parents can help our child, we must gain a new perspective and understanding of Autism and have the tools/processes we need to be able to advocate for ourselves and our child.
We serve as your guide and support you as you connect, grow and advocate.

Workshops Include:

  • Autism 101 – Free Workshop
  • How to Create Green Zone
  • Understanding Your Child
  • Prepare Your Child for the Future

Social and Other Events
Parent Support Group Meetings


We serve as a resource to businesses who employ either individuals on the Autism Spectrum or the Parents or Caregivers of someone diagnosed.*

Individuals with Autism can benefit from our program by:

  • Understanding how the diagnoses can impact them (particularly at work) and learning the necessary tools and strategies to integrate successfully into the work environment.
  • Understanding the business environment so that they can make better decisions about how to manage themselves and their interaction with others.
  • Understanding how to self-advocate so that they can communicate their needs more effectively.

Parents/Caregivers can benefit from our program by:

  • Connecting with an organization that can help them to better understand Autism and their child, as well as to provide them with the tools and strategies they need.
  • Joining a group that can provide them with the resources they need to better equip themselves, their child and their family.
  • Helping them connect to other Parents/Caregivers to reduce their isolation and join with others who understand their journey

*Mental health challenges can greatly affect your employees in the Autism Community. The benefits we provide can translate to less stress and anxiety creating a happier and more productive employee!

Make the Shift to the

The Green Zone

This shift begins with you. As more of us live this Green Zone Life, the more momentum our movement will build and the quicker we will see a new reality for our Autism Community, built on unconditional love, unlimited possibilities, and universal inclusion!


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