Parents / Caregivers

About the Program

Parents/Caregivers play a key role in creating a new reality for our Autism Community, whether at home, at work or within the broader community.
That’s why they need the education and support that our programs offer.
In order to advocate for our loved ones, we first need the understanding, knowledge, tools and processes to become fully equipped.
Autism Shifts offers Courses/Workshops and Programs that will provide education on a variety of topics.

Understanding Autism in Young Adulthood

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Hosted by Vicky and Pier Westra who will share their growth journey through Autism with their daughter as well as their insight in training and employment for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

A Free Online Workshop for Parents & Caregivers of Teenagers and Young Adults with Autism

  1. Understanding Autism as your child transitions into young adulthood
  2. Learn how to prepare your young adult as they enter the workforce
  3. A safe place to ask specific questions unique to your situation
  4. Connect with other caregivers and create new world for Autism

Dates to Register:

– September 17th, 2020: 5:30pm – 6:45pm

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