Online Workshop: A New Perspective on Autism for Parents/Caregivers

Online Workshop: A New Perspective on Autism for Parents/Caregivers
Dates: January 7, January 21
Times: 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM ET

This FREE online workshop is designed to help parents/caregivers of teenagers and young adults with Autism shift your perspectives, allowing your family to experience more hope, appreciation, joy and unconditional love than you ever thought possible! The goal of this online workshop is to guide you from the old, stigmatized way of thinking about Autism (which we call the Red Zone) to a new place of understanding and empowerment (the Green Zone).

Hosts Vicky Westra, founder of Autism Shifts, and her husband Pier will cover the following topics in the online workshop and will provide a safe place to ask specific questions unique to your situation:

1. Understanding Autism as your child transitions into young adulthood
2. Learning how to prepare your young adult as they enter the workforce
3. Connecting with other parents and caregivers
4. Learning about the Shifter Membership Program and how together we can create new world for Autism

Take the first step of your journey to a Green Zone Life and join us!

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