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We partner with businesses as a resource partner to support them in serving our Autism community. We also help them to understand Autism so they can not only support their existing autism community, but also expand employment opportunities for them.

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Autism Ready Business Program

Businesses can partner with Autism Shifts to become “Autism Ready”. Autism is a large and growing community and this program will provide needed support and services to businesses and their employees touched by Autism.

Most businesses would be surprised by the number of their employees who are in the Autism community. This includes individuals on the Autism Spectrum, Parents/Caregivers and/or family members.

Oftentimes, this community encounters challenges that can cause stress and can even negatively affect mental health. Providing services to this employee population can lead to creating healthier, more productive and engaged employees.

Autism Shifts provides several levels of engagement for businesses. These levels include:

Level 1 – Communication Partner

  • Communicate Autism Shifts Programs to your employee base

Level 2 – Engagement Partner

  • Survey employees
  • Host Programs internally for your employee base
  • Sponsor employees to attend Autism Shifts Courses/Workshops/Membership Program

Level 3 – Autism Employment Ready Business

  • Autism Shifts provides “Autism Ready” training to your HR/Leadership team
  • Creating or expanding employment opportunities for individuals diagnosed with Autism within your organization

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