Autism Bridging the Atlantic

Shifting Perspectives on Autism with Vicky Westra

By Vicky Westra

Daniel Morgan Jones is the UK’s number one resource for Autism. In this podcast, hear why he’s on a mission to educate and advocate for Autism”

Daniel Morgan Jones is an influencer and advocate within the Autism Community.  He was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 26.  Today, he uses overcoming the challenges associated with the diagnosis to help so many others within the autism community.

Daniel is the UK’s #1 online/information resource for Autism, ADHD, OCD, and Dyslexia.  He reaches millions as a YouTuber, public speaker, and author through his website and social media presence.  He uses all of these platforms to help increase the awareness and understanding around Autism and help others reach a place of self-acceptance and empowerment about their diagnosis.

In this podcast, you will hear Daniel share:

  • How getting his autism diagnosis later in life affected him and how he overcame his challenges.
  • How his childhood interests and talents have evolved into his career as an adult.
  • How getting additional support during his college years helped him to graduate with a  degree in Chemistry.
  • How he reacted when he received his formal diagnosis at age 26, and how it helped him to create “stepping stones” for his career.
  • How he transitioned from college into becoming an advocate for the autism community.
  • How he reached the place where he feels life is working for him and not against him.
  • How his plans for the future include supporting the autism community in a variety of new ways.

It was such a pleasure interviewing Daniel and being able to highlight him as an Autism Shifter.

In talking with Daniel, he is a testimony of how our most significant challenges can help us shift to experiencing our most notable victories. Daniel’s path unfolded one step at a time, and that is such a testimony for so many within the autism community… that their path can evolve as well.

Check Daniel Morgan Jones out on his website or on his YouTube channel AspieWorld1.

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