New podcast! Becca Lory Shares Her Autism Journey

Shifting Perspectives on Autism with Vicky Westra

By Vicky Westra


Becca Lory Hector was diagnosed with autism as an adult and has used her journey to spread understanding and acceptance of the diagnosis while promoting self-advocacy. She fulfills many roles, working as a consultant, speaker, author, teacher, and advocate for the autism community.

I asked Becca to be a guest on our podcast and share her story.  Becca is a great reminder that although our journeys might take us down some challenging paths, ultimately these challenges can bring us to a place of greater alignment with who we are and what we are here to do.

In this podcast, you will hear Becca share:

  • The challenges she faced in her childhood years obtaining the support she needed, causing her to experience emotions such as anger, anxiety, hopelessness, and depression.
  • The negative labels and diagnosis she received that didn’t match her actual diagnosis
  • How “burn out” at work as an adult caused her to spend three years in her bedroom, disconnected from the world.
  • How she ultimately discovered information on the internet that led her to receive her Autism Diagnosis.
  • How she was able to let go of the past and forgive those that caused her pain and anger, allowing her to move forward with her life.
  • How she accepted her autism diagnosis and became empowered to create the future that she desires.
  • How she is now helping others in the autism community to lead a life they choose


Check Becca out on her website and learn how she is empowering others on the autism spectrum to live the lives they choose.


From the Green Zone,

Vicky Westra
CEO and Founder, Autism Shifts


Autism Shifts creates a new perspective of autism, allowing those in the community to live in the Green Zone, experiencing hope, joy, and empowerment.  We do this through education, resources, and connection opportunities.

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